10 Red Hot Takeaways from Bills win over Titans

Bills beat Titans

10 Red Hot Take-aways from Bills win over the Titans

1. These are not your “Same Old Bills”

This is a game previous Bills team’s would have lost. And yes I said that after the Jets game. I said it again after the Bengals game. This was a slugfest, away from home (I won’t call it a road game) with a QB coming off a concussion and injuries piling up. The Bills got some breaks and those isn’t going to make anyone’s all-time great list, but they found a way again.

2. Bills Mafia won the game

Those are not my words. Those are the words of the Bills Micah Hyde. Bills fans took over Music City on Saturday and took over Nissan Stadium on Sunday. I know it’s called Nash Vegas and I know it’s a transient city, but to have a visiting team just overwhelm your home stadium is a tribute to the Bills and an embarrassment to the Titans

3. Josh Allen played like a winner

The numbers aren’t aren’t going to bring any early Pro Bowl votes, but Allen himself thought he was at his best. And I love the fact that he admitted the issues he had last week and learned from it. But the young man should really enjoy the bye week.

4. Duke Williams deserved what he got

He came to camp as a novelty. We saw shots of him making catches in Canada and running people over. Once the preseason started and there was real competition, Duke’s real skill began to show. But the best thing is he did not let getting cut and put on the practice squad deter him.In fact, he excelled at practice and waited for his time. Nothing like starting with 4 catches on 4 targets and the game difference TD catch

5. Old men rule.

Frank Gore was a beast, again. In a 7 point game, Brian Daboll kept giving the ball to the 36 year old and he kept delivering., And Gore did so by inflicting punishment on the Titans. His numbers, 14 carries for 60 yards aren’ going to win many fantasy games (though I played Gore and I won), but his final few carries were very impactful.

6. The Bills defense is the best in the NFL

The only thing they do not do is get turnovers. That might hurt them down the line. But they play so fundamentally sound that they are hard to beat. In the 2019 NFL they have not given up 20 points in a game. That is borderline insane.

7. Jordan Phillips does his talking on the field

He goes out on Sunday and gets 3 sacks He is dancing and celebrating with his teammates and the fans. But after the game, he was low key and said he was just doing his job. Phillips knows he hasn't played great football through the first weeks of the season. But he showed up Sunday. Well done Jordan

8. Mike Vrabel was a terrible game coach Sunday

The Bills needed every break to get this one done and the Titans coach contributed. But his head scratching decisions were topped off by the call to have his comically bad kicker try a 53 harder against the wind with his team down 7 in the 4th. You deserve to lose when you make decisions like that.

9.Trumaine Edmunds is making plays.

Edmunds was in the backfield, in coverage and all over the field. Don’t kid yourself. Edmunds was not making plays earlier this season and when it was pointed out, fans ran to his resume. I get it. He’s only 21 years old. But don’t pretend he was playing well. He is playing well the last two weeks and no one needs to defend him

10. This 4-1 is different.

I call the 2011 Bills the “Little Engine that Could” team. That was Fitz and Fred and Stevie. They outscored a few people. They had some fun. But they did not win the line of scrimmage That defense did not dominate They did not have a roster built to win now and in the future . This 2019 version of the Bills will not fall apart. They have 3 straight home games including the Dolphins coming up. Bills fans start getting ready for the world of flex games and possible Sunday night’s for your Bills.