How did Josh do? This week's grades on Bills QB (Titans) -

Josh Allen and Duke Williams

After every Bills game I will rate Josh Allen on the different aspects of the job. The grades aren't on a curve. This is not based on a 2nd year quarterback or how Tom Brady would do things. The grades are based on how a starting quarterback in the NFL is expected to perform. Here we go.

Accuracy A

Almost 72%. And it wasn’t just the numbers. Allen put the ball on the money and it was in part because of his decision making (more on that in a moment). Allen’s best throws included an early slant to Duke Williams when the rookie was in tight coverage. He actually had a strong incompletion to Dawson Knox when he put the ball on the money as he was getting hit and Knox probably should have held on to the ball. But the best example of Allen using the proper mechanics and delivering a perfect throw was on an out to John Brown on the first TD drive. Allen avoided the rush, stepped up in the pocket and delivered a strike. That is progress.

Decision Making B+

This was shaping up as an A+ until two mistakes Allen made that could have been very costly. Coming off his concussion, he chose to run when the pocket broke down and he took a major hit. I had more than one person stick up for the QB by telling me Allen did not see the defender. Ahhhh, that’s the point. He is vulnerable on the run and they will and did take a shot at him. The other obvious mistake was the interception in the 3rd quarter. After playing such a smart game when he chose to run out of bounds, throw the ball away, spike it in the ground or wait until a shakedown player came open, Allen picked that drive to look back to the middle of the field and throw in coverage. He knows it was bad and he knows it was costly

Leadership A+

What more do you want out of a guy making his 16th start. He comes out of a week where his time and focus had to be compromised by the concussion protocol. He played with poise in a game that was destined to be tight the entire way and kept his poise when injuries to the Oline left him potentially vulnerable. And his constant work with Duke Williams (not just this week when he was active) paid big dividends. This si the way you want a player talking about his teammate

Clutch Factor A

Another 4th quarter game winning drive. Now look, give huge props to Brian Daboll for his play calling. The play to Isaiah Mckenzie was brilliant and it put the Bills in a position to win the game. But Allen came through when needed with the bullet to Duke for the lead. And on the last drive, while Frank Gore did the damage, Allen sealed it with a perfectly executed bootleg and the start of the celebration. He played like a winner

Overall A

Allen thought it was his best overall game and I will agree. I watch for the evolution of 17 as a player and marked down the great decisions. He ran out of bounds, threw it out of bounds, took a deep drop and when nothing was open threw it in the ground. You know who does that? TB12. You know why? Because it is smart. Heck we even saw him slide a few times and he is getting more comfortable doing that (not matter what Charles Davis kept saying on the broadcast) 14 points should not be enough to win games in the 2019 NFL but this defense (and the Titans kicker) got it done. At some point they will need Allen to put up more. But Sunday he was solid and smart and led his team to a win.