Room in your suitcase for leftovers?


The Transportation Security Administration says you can pack a cooked turkey in your carry-on luggage. Now you can 'turkey trot on your way' through the airport!

On its website, the TSA provides tips to help travelers make it to their Thanksgiving destination safely, even those who are providing Thanksgiving dinner.

The site says that along with a cooked turkey, stuffing, side dishes, and desserts are also allowed in carry-on luggage.

"Just make sure that any dishes containing liquids follow the 3-1-1 rule," the TSA states on its website. Same goes for canned cranberry sauce.

What about alcohol? Any holiday wine must go in your checked luggage.

"You can pack as many alcoholic beverages as you want as long as they contain less than 24% alcohol. However, passengers toting alcoholic beverages containing 24% to 70% alcohol can only bring a total of 5 liters of alcohol and they should be in their original unopened packaging."

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