Fun Activities That The Little Ones Will Love

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Social distancing has already taken its toll on a lot of us and it's going to be a while that we're all going to be cooped up in the house together. Families are running out of things to do but don't you worry because we have a list of fun activities that you can do with your children at home. Some of these ideas have a bonus on how to increase the time for each activity.

1. Build a blanket fort - Kids love forts. It's a sneaky way to get a new environment in front of their eyes while staying in the same place for so long. Here are some ideas on how to make it go even longer than planned: organize the blankets by rainbow colors, have a picnic inside the fort, and see how many rooms in the house you can include inside the fort

2. Go "camping" - Weather isn't always our best friend here in WNY, especially when it's springtime. If the weather isn't cooperating you can always go camping in your living room or any big space to set out a tent. You can make this night even better by making s'mores (if inside use the oven)!

3. No Utensils! - For a fun twist on lunch or dinner, you can always have a no utensil dinner. With this activity, it's the messier the better so think outside of the box; spaghetti, salads, mashed potatoes and gravy, applesauce, yogurt. After the meal, you can move it to the bathroom for bath time to clean up all the mess from lunch.

4. Animal meals - Everyone chooses an animal that they eat like for that meal. T-rex has short arms, a dog only eats with its head and mouth, a frog eats with its tongue (this works great on popcorn). The possibilities are endless!

5. Sleepover - Everyone can bring in their mattresses into the living room. To make it even better you can bring these inside the fort from idea one!

6. Cook a meal - Have your little one help you in the kitchen and learn the science behind cooking. It can taste even better when they know that they helped make something.

7. Sensory Bins - These sound a little silly but it's always something fun. You can use anything around your house like pasta and dried beans or get a little more creative and use water beads and sand. Hide little toys in the bins that the little ones can find.

8. Photoshoot - You can have each kid put on their most favorite outfit and have a photoshoot. If they have more than one outfit that they want to flaunt then see if you can make them seasonally themed and create a calendar from the pictures

9. Create skits - Have your children write and act out a play or skit. You can have them work on it all day and have certain lines that they have to include to make it even harder. Have them out on a show after dinner that same day to show the rest of the family their handy work.

10. Indoor scavenger hunt - Have the little ones go around the house and find things that begin with each letter of the alphabet. For kids who are a little older, try this but say a word in the language that they're learning in school and have them find the object within the home.

11. Paper bag puppets- Create puppets with paper bags or even an old pair of socks. Use markers and other craft supplies around the house and go crazy with them. Have a dance party with your puppets after the craft is over.

12. Indoor bowling - Set up some old pop bottles and use a tennis ball. Keep score or put the pins in different formations and see who can hit the most.

13. Obstacle course - set up tunnels of chairs and couch cushions to get everyone in the house up and moving. See who can create the craziest course along with who can finish them the fastest!

14. Outdoor scavenger hunt - Look for rainbows and teddy bears in people's windows. A lot of people in WNY are putting teddies and rainbows in their windows for people to look at on their walks. In an effort to make the fun continue for even longer, try to find things along your walk but in alphabetical order.

If you have any ideas that you are using to keep your little ones from going insane during social distancing, send them into our own FOX29 Insider at!