National Employee Appreciation Day

National Employee Appreciation Day

This Friday, March 6th, is National Employee Appreciation Day! If you happen to have a lovely crew under you and want to show some appreciation here are some WNY favorites that are sure to boost morale!

Paula’s Donuts – There is nothing better than cake, and donuts are essentially breakfast cake. It’s no secret to anyone in WNY that Paula’s Donuts are famous and made with love. Your employees will definitely appreciate these morning treats!

Tim Horton’s Coffee – Another crowd fav? Timmy’s of course! With the carry and go coffee craft that they have available this is one of the easier ways to show your team you notice all the hard work so far this year.

Sponge Candy – This is a famous WNY confection that will make anyone happy. Show your team how “sweet” it is to have them around.

Pizza Lunch – It seems like every other street corner in WNY has a different pizzeria. Everyone loves pizza and even better when it’s a surprise!

Event Tickets – Lots of employees have Families with little ones at home. Maybe some tickets to a family-friendly event happening in town would brighten the spirits around the office!

Early Release – There is nothing that employees love more than getting some time back in their day. Surprise your staff with an early dismissal. It will make their day even better because it’s on a Friday!

Birthday’s Off – What’s even better than an early release? What’s something that everyone has? Birthdays! Some companies already give their employees the day off on their birthday and they undeniably feel appreciated.