St. Patrick's Day: Buffalo, NY Style

St. Patrick's Day in Buffalo, NY

March is here which means that St. Patrick’s Day is here, and we have got you covered for the holiday must-haves! No matter if you are throwing a party or going to the parade or even bar hopping. Every St. Patrick’s Day in Buffalo needs these to make it count!

1.) Green Clothing – Legend says that wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day makes you invisible to leprechauns. If they see you then they will pinch you for fun!

2.) “Old Neighborhood” St. Patrick’s Day Parade – South Buffalo has one of the best St. Patrick’s Day parades in all WNY. This is also a plus because it’s the day before the Downtown Buffalo Parade as well. After all, this parade is on Saturday. You don’t have to worry about regretting all the green food and adult beverages you indulged in the day before. Go out on Saturday instead or celebrate even harder and go to both!

3.) Corn Beef and Cabbage - This is a staple no matter where you are. This dish is Irish-American not Irish. It’s based on the Irish dish Bacon and Cabbage that changed when Irish immigrants came to America and bacon wasn’t as common.

4.) Appropriate Music – Whether you are going for the classical sounds of an Irish stepdance or doing a hardcore jig to a Dropkick Murphy’s song; no Irish holiday is complete without music.

5.) Shamrocks - They are the unofficial symbol of the holiday. Make sure you scatter shamrock decorations throughout your home or incorporate them into your parade day apparel to ring in the holiday as St. Patrick would want it!

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