BarkBox launching 'mutts have' kitchen essentials for dogs

BarkBox launching 'mutts have' kitchen essentials for dogs (Photo: BARK, Bed, Bath & Beyond)

WASHINGTON (SBG) — If your dog loves to monitor your work when you're cooking, generally gets underfoot the entire time and sees "taste tester" as their official title, these new dog toys may be essential in your kitchen.

Starting Oct. 1, Bed, Bath & Beyond is introducing a new line, specifically tailored to your dog's kitchen needs. In partnership with BARK, the makers of BarkBox – the monthly subscription service which provides dog products, services and experiences – the two companies have a new line sure to get your pup's tail wagging.

The "mutts have" kitchen essentials include favorites like a Bark, Bath & Beyond Chewpon, a Stir Mix-a-Lot stand mixer and a variety of Kitchen Chewtensils.

The toys will be available for purchase online and in stores nationwide the beginning of October.