Hey! Zay Jones, it's now or never -

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The Bills backup running back T.J. Yeldon{ } has more receiving yards this season (87) than Buffalo's starting wide out Zay Jones (86).{ }

In 2017 the Bills traded up in the second round to draft WR Zay Jones with 37th overall pick.

Sean McDermott said the wide receiver position group was getting thin...if only the Bills knew then what Buffalo knows now.

Not to say there hasn't been bright spots for Zay Jones but in a league all about 'what have you done for me lately' Jones isn't getting much production.

We saw another example of that against the Patriots in Week 4. On eight targets, Jones with only two catches going for a total of 4 yards.

This season he has yet to score a touchdown and the more you look at it, even in a limited role TJ Yeldon (RB) has more receiving yards in 2019 then the Bills starting wide out.

It's not good, and it's been too long for that to be the case. In now his third year in the NFL, Jones has never had a 100 yard game, ever. Now he's had the likes of multiple different starting QB's while in Buffalo, the likes of Tyrod Taylor, Josh Allen, Derek Anderson and Matt Barkley-but with only nine touchdowns in 35 games, things have to change.

So what are the Bills to do? With Jones' limited success it'd be hard to find a team willing to trade him too (albeit without packaging draft picks too). Does Buffalo cut him? The Bills front office with decisions to make.

Maybe the process has been respected and it's just time to move on?