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30 Crafts for 30 Days


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Here are some crafts to help you pass time for the entire month of June or just crafts to enjoy and spark the imagination of your children. Here are your 30 Crafts for 30 Days!

1. Paper Plate Hats - Cut out the middle of the paper plate while leaving it still connected a little. Decorate the plate as anything your little one’s desire; a crown, sun hat, halo, etc

2. Clothes Pin Critters - Gather some clothespins and some markers, paints, pom poms, pipe cleaners, buttons, and anything else around the house. Decorate your critters and hide them around to house or yard for a scavenger hunt. 2-in-1 fun!

3. Toilet Paper Roll Binoculars - Glue together 2 toilet paper rolls and let your kids decorate them with any supplies around the house. Then when they’re all finished, add some string to them so they can hang around your little one’s neck like real binoculars.

4. Rock Garden - Go on a hunt for some smooth rocks or larger ones with a bigger painting surface. Decorate and place in your garden

5. Make homemade Bath Tub Crayons - Mix a grated bar of soap, 10-15 drops of food coloring, and 2 tablespoons of hot water together in a bowl and stir until combined like a thick dough (add more hot water as needed). Grease an ice cube tray and add in mixture and pack firmly. Freeze for 30 minutes then let them set for about 1-2 days and then you’re ready to have bath time masterpieces.

6. Toilet Paper Roll Jellyfish - Gather toilet paper rolls and decorate them like a jellyfish. When this is done then take strips of a coffee filter, tissue paper, or something along those lines and glue on this inside of the bottom of the jellyfish. Once dried you have your own jellyfish!

7. Paper Plate Dream Catchers - Cut out the center of the paper plate and punch holes close to the inside of the plate for the yarn. Decorate the plate in any way that you want and then once done add your string to the holes. Feel free to add feathers to the bottom of the strings.

8. Egg Carton Turtle - Cut out a single egg portion of an egg carton, this is the turtle shell. Use a pom poms for the turtle’s head and pipe cleaners for the legs and tail

9. Tin Can Wind Sock - Make sure the can has both the top and bottom taken off safely with no sharp edges. Decorate and add fabric to the bottom end. Hang outside and watch the flow in the wind.

10. Bubble painting - Like a normal painting but add soap and a little water. Blow the bubbles in the paint with a straw and drag them onto the paper.

11. Monster Truck Painting - For easy cleanup to this craft outside. Run trucks through some paint and let your little ones make tracks with them on the paper.

12. Pasta Necklaces - Thread pasta through the string and create a necklace, bracelet, keychain, etc. For even more fun, used colored pasta

13. Pop Bottle Flowers - Use the bottom of a pop bottle as a stamp and create flowers on paper and add more details after they dry with markers

14. Milk Jug Fairy Huts - Decorate the jugs any way you’d like and then place in the garden and wait for the fairies to come.

15. Tie-Dye - This one is simple but takes some time. Get some white tee shirts, socks, masks, aprons, hand towels, backpacks, or literally anything that you want to tie-dye. You are also going to want to get a tie-dye kit from a store or online. Follow the instructions and help create masterpieces!

16. Coffee Filter Sun Catcher - Color coffee filters with water-based markers. When the designs are done then spray with a light mist of water. Watch them turn into a watercolor masterpiece before your eyes and then put them on your windows.

17. Paper Plane Competition - Have your little ones create and decorate paper planes. When finished have a throwing competition and see whose plane goes the farthest

18. Sock Puppets - Gather old socks and decorate however you’d like. When finished, have your little ones put on a show for the rest of the family

19. Bookmarks - Use an old cereal box and cover it with paper. Let your kids decorate and hopefully, this will make them excited about reading even when not in school.

20. Squirt Gun Painting - This one can get messy but it’s a great time. Fill up squirt guns with paint and water, the water makes it a little thinner and easier to squirt.

21. At Home Lava Lamps - Put water and oil in a cup or clear bottle. Drop in the food coloring and Alka-Seltzer and see the magic happen!

22. Paper Plate Animal Masks - Cut out some eye holes in the center of your paper plate along with two tiny holes for the string. Decorate as your favorite animal and let your imagination take control!

23. Pop Bottle Bowling - Gather some pop bottles and decorate as bowling pins. When finished, align as a bowling alley would and see who can get the most strikes!

24. Recycled Vases - Meltdown the wax from an old candle and remove it from the candle jar. Once the jar is clean inside and out, paint the outside. While waiting for your masterpiece to dry gout and collect some wildflowers for a beautiful bouquet.

25. Stress balls - An easy craft that will help with little ones who fidget or parents who are stressed out to the max. Get a balloon and fill it with flour, banking soda, or corn starch. Don’t fill it too much, tie the end off and squeeeeeeze your stress away.

26. Brushless Painting - Use things around the house to paint instead of paintbrushes. Find leaves, forks, old socks, fingers, literally anything you can find. Roll out some butcher paper for endless fun that prolongs the fun!

27. Tissue Box Guitar - Use an empty tissue box and some rubber bands. Place the rubber bands over the opening of the tissue box like a guitar. Strum away, and let the show go in.

28. Water Bottle Maracas - Fill water bottles with beans, rice, pennies, or anything that could make a sound. These shakers will make music time that much better because they made it themselves.

29. Create Your Own Board Game - Grab some cardboard and markers, create your own game with rules, and then play as a family.

30. Cupcakes - The best craft is for last and it’s the sweetest. Bake cupcakes with your little ones and decorate them. Eating them together after will be the best victory.

Here is a print out of a calendar for you to have for your own use! Good luck and happy crafting!

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