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WNY security companies see increased demand after Tops mass shooting

Kevin Melvin is the CEO of Lockdown Security in Buffalo.{p}{/p}
Kevin Melvin is the CEO of Lockdown Security in Buffalo.

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Local security companies are seeing an increased demand ever since the mass shooting at Tops, and they are already planning ways to improve their security strategies.

Less than two weeks ago 10 people in our own community lost their lives during the mass shooting at Tops on Jefferson Avenue. Also, just this week 19 children and two teachers were killed during a mass shooting at a school in Texas.

Kevin Melvin, the CEO of Lockdown Security, says, “We have seen an increase in calls for security in places that normally wouldn’t have security and we understand that need. People just want to feel safe right now.”

People are scared and they just want to feel safe.

Melvin says since the shooting they are already seeing more people wanting to hire security guards for public places and events.

“We will be increasing our armor and switching up how we do things,” said Melvin. “I think it’s all about placement, how you have people placed outside so that way people can’t get a tactical drop on you.”

Melvin says since the Tops massacre they are already strategizing ways to improve the security they offer.

Mario Rodriguez, the President of Forseti Protection Group, says, “Now that this evil is in our backyard its incumbent upon us to make sure we’re taking the steps to get in front of these vulnerabilities, protect the community, the infrastructure, and assets.”

Forseti Protection Group specializes in assessing risks, they also offer active shooter training to people and companies.

“You have to have a layered approach to your risks,” said Rodriguez. “If you’re taking a gun detection system and putting that on the exterior of the facility. An integrated gun detection system allows a first shot fired on the exterior to have a response automatically sent to BPD and BFD, and then can possibly lock the doors down, and send an automatic alert to the interior.”

He says its critical for organizations to take measures to prevent an active shooter situation in the first place, like making sure employees and security guards are trained, and installing technology to detect a threat.

Unfortunately, in both the Buffalo and Texas shootings the shooters used AR-15 high powered weapons. Many security guards are only allowed to carry a handgun.

Fox Buffalo’s Olivia Dance, asked, “Can a handgun even compete with an AR-15, it raises the question of do you guys need more?”

Melvin, says, “Absolutely, we need more, even Buffalo Police need more. With their equipment it’s hard for them to protect themselves and with us just being security guards it’s almost impossible. That’s why I train the guys on just being proactive, watching people’s movements, and cars as they pull up.”

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Both Melvin and Rodriguez also encourage people to be aware of their surroundings and have an exit plan if possible when in public places.